Bmw e39 gas smell

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Bmw e39 gas smell

Discussion in ' E39 ' started by ChegwiddenJun 10, Log in or Sign up. Post Count: 1 Likes Received Sometimes i can attribute it to the windows being down and it coming in from outside.

I have my thoughts but i'd like another opinion on the matter. Thanks in advance -paul. ChegwiddenJun 10, Post Count: 2 Likes Received Exhaust smell in cabin I recently purchased a Li. After a month or so, I started occasionally smelling exhaust smell or burned metallic smell in the cabin, when I drive in the sun or hot day for over 30 min. When I roll down the window, I can smell it too at times.

I also noticed that when I opened the truck I could smell strong burned metallic smell like exhaust. I sent the car to the dealer two times, complaining about this issue. Each time, the dealer would tell me that they could not duplicate the problem.

I suspect that the smell came from the trunk, which permeate into the cabin. The air from the air duct smell clean and crispy when I stick nostrils in front of the vent at the time the cabin has the smell. About a month ago, I drove my car one wheel up to the curve at a parking lot and it came down hard on the bottom of the frame.

I wonder if that incident had anything to do with this exhaust smell problem. I am really disappointed at the persistent issue that cannot be resolved. Aside from the fact that this is an expensive luxury car, I am also concerned about my health from inhaling this type of smell in a long run. Did anyone have similar problem, other than chegwidden who posted a similar problem? Post Count: 17 Likes Received Any exhaust shop can check the system for leaks.

Is There a Difference Between Running Your BMW on Regular or Premium Gas?

But it could also be oil fumes from the cabin getting into the intake ducts they are tricky to get properly sealed. Many E39' have leaky gaskets at the valve covers whith lets oil get onto the exhaust manifolds and that smeel gets into the cabin. Cheers Jim Cash.Information provided is without warranty and as is, it provides tips on what we've done as reference. Read at your own risk.

It's been described as smells like a "dirty gym sock", "locker room smell", "a dead fish", "musty order"and more. Whatever it smells like, it smells. What is it? The major cause of the odor is mold and mildew that take up residence in the system and live on the moisture that any AC system condenses out of the air.

And the major reason that especially the cars with the IHKA system are so prone to such odors is that the driver cannot always force the system to use fresh outside air IF the AC compressor is on! In the AC mode the system alone determines whether to cool and recirculate the cabin air or to use the outside air from the micro-filters.

And climate and usage have a great deal to do with which mode is selected. But even the IHKR systems can have the problem as well! There have been many postings on the various forums about dealing with this problem.

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Some even recommend removing the ducts between the micro-filter boxes and the firewall to get a better shot into the evaporator housing. It does work quite well for some owners but for others, depending on the climate and vehicle usage ; it becomes an almost never-ending task. Here is a procedure for gaining direct access to the evaporator housing and coil without tearing the whole dashboard apart.

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The first step is to identify which system your car has. Open the hood and examine the driver's side fender well just underneath the microfilter housing. There will be one or two heater control valves located there. Maybe because some of the recommended products may come with a suitable spray mechanism.

Further, if the car is an E39 IHKA and the dealer has deodorized previously, you won't need the stuff to make a hole in the housing or the plug. IHKA Black nylon hole plugs. Just buy them all. I also got these at Ace and it DID take two trips. Both A regular, run of the mill, garden sprayer. The kind you pump up. The spray wand must be removable and must be made of brass or copper.

I got mine at Ace Hardware about 15 years ago and picked up a replacement wand last weekend. Got it all? Access to the interior of the evaporator housing and coil is achieved by drilling a hole in the driver's side of the housing. Work your fingers under both ends and slide it straight back toward the rear of the car. Measure up from the bottom of the evaporator case between 1. Picture 2. If you look carefully, you can see the evaporator coil inside the housing.I had this problem on mine.

Yup, very common, so feel relieved about that.

What Causes A Gas Smell Inside Your Car?

This means you or somebody will have to replace the pump or level sender unit on the gas tank. The plastic covers on the gas tank crack, and gas will seep through the cracks when the tank is full. Heavy gas smell outside the car is an indicator. Happens to me. The fuel sending unit on my car had been changed before I bought the car. I, too, smelled fuel inside the cab every time I filled up but only when it was full.

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Whoever the rocket scientist was that put the new fuel sending unit in crimped the gasket - it wasn't sealed. It folded up and creased, and put a hole in the gasket. When you change them, put the gasket in place first, THEN put in the unit.

Takes 30 minutes to do. Two words of advice: unhook the battery first, and do it outdoors with the windows open.

bmw e39 gas smell

Oh, and run as much fuel out of your tank before you start the job. I've had this problem with mine as well, it would only happen when i would fill up, which was never often haha. Never got around to fixn seeing that i would never fill past half a tank Is this job accessible from under the rear seat in my ti? It should be. Easy to find out Getting the seat out is about the easiest part removal in the interior. My car reeks of gas. Any other suggestions what it could be??

Someone doesn't like you and their fillin your car with gas vapors :D In serious note. Do you have a gas smell all the time or is it only when the car is on? It's parked in the garage most of the time and the garage reeks of gasoline. It has to be a hose or a vacuum canister leaking if there's no sign of leakage at the fuel tank access port s. No visible leak on the underside of the tank itself I take it?By BigMoNovember 3, in E39 When I start my car after about seconds I get quite a strong fuel smell.

It seems to stay there but probably gets a little better once the car has warmed up or I just get used to it. I cant smell it through the vents and have opened the bonnet and started the car and cant really smell it from the engine bay.

It seems to be somewhere between the drivers door to the end of the car rather then the front end. Could a bad flexi have this effect? I did think fuel lines running to the smaller pump under the drivers seat but I have never seen a drop of fuel anywhere on the floor around this area. I know on mine the steel fuel lines that run from the front of the fuel tank to the pump under the passenger seat are pretty corroded.

They're on my list of things to fix in the near future. I could imagine that if the corrosion had reached the inside of the pipes, the fuel would seep into the porous rusted outside and smell, without actually dripping.

I also have what appears to be an intermittent leak on one of the small hoses on top of the injector pump, sometimes it is a small weep and most of times it is not there. It can go for weeks without any smell then it will be noticeable for a day or two then disappear again.

Thanks for the replies gents, I guess I need to get the car on a ramp to give it a once over but the smell is there pretty much all the time. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

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Already have an account? Sign in here. E39 Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post.Discussion in ' E39 ' started by granathacMar 16, Log in or Sign up. Cold Start roughness -E Post Count: 1 Likes Received For a long time I have been experiencing a roughness for the first quarter of a mile after starting my '03 I in the morning. I drive for a long block and when I stop at a stop sign the engine is a bit rough. Once the engine warms up a few blocks later there is no reoccurance.

Any ideas? Post Count: Likes Received I'm guessing the idle-control valve. Our E39 i model did the exact same thing.

M3DriverMar 16, Best I can remember it seemed to be, in technical terms, a real bitch to get to. I'm guessing just replace it is the best option. Post Count: 10 Likes Received The tube just cracks because its plastic and that it was after 8-years since you have had your car. Mostly this will happen when the weather is cold. Wont happen much in summer. You may even get a check engine light.

Simplest firstAll, First let me tell you that I can't thank you enough for the knowledge I have obtained from you over the last year I have owned my BMW i. Just as a background the car is a with K on it, bought it with 99K on it. Ok so I am throwing the P Bank 2 too lean code as well as a gas smell that has progressively gotten worse over the last 3-weeks. This is not my first go around with the Banks running to lean. Then just about 3-weeks ago the car threw the check engine light again and this time it was just Bank 2 is too lean.

About this exact same time I started to notice a gas smell when starting and while driving the car. Twice I have also noticed what appears to actually be fuel that has leaked on my garage floor after the car being parked not a ton but enough to make me worry I reset the code after cleaning MAF and and doing a normal oil change, then it came back on about 4-days latter and the gas smell has progressively gotten worse.

I am at my ends wits!!

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Please any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I would check the hoses on the Crankcase Ventilation Valve, these can cause the lean codes.

Man you saying the fuel smell started recently I imagine it wasn't there before the fuel filter change. I would first look at the fuel filter plumbing and see if there is any leak there.

Fuel leak enough would definitely make me worried but one good thing is that it shouldn't be hard to find the leak. You saying you saw a fuel on the garage floor!. Hey time to get under and see where it is leaking. I would start at the fuel filter and follow from there I have the code P bank 2 lean Been living with it for over 2 years by now.

It shows up about once a month. I can't find the issue, dealer wants to replace the engine if you know what I mean: to fix it Clean your idle control valve and replace the rubber grommet it pops into. When I started the car, I certainly smelled gas, and had some other problems. Also, like others have said, get under it with a flashlight and see if you can figure out where the leak is coming from.

If you have a water heater with a pilot light or a gas dryer in your garage, might want to park your car outside for a while. Well, he says he smells fuel and he sees fuel on his garage floor. The cause of smell is actual fuel leak. I can't see how an ICV cause fuel smell. It should only control the amount of air that goes in when the car is idling. If it was me, I would focus on the source of the fuel leak first.

bmw e39 gas smell

Seeing fuel on the garage floor is not good OP the fuel leak is the reason for the bank 2 lean. All, Thanks for the suggestions. Heading out to by friend's shop to lift the car up so I can walk under it and really get a good look at the fuel filter, fuel lines, reserve tank valve, etc.

I'll post back in a few hours to let you know what I find. Also I won't probably get to it today, but checking and cleaning the crank case valve and the idle control valve. Thanks again and I'll let you know what I find.I am having a n issue with my car sometimes it smells like gas fumes and this happens only when the AC is off and air in coming in from the vents meaning that, I have not codes at all I checked the fuel filter and possibles places where leaks could be.

How do I go abut this and fix it, I have to open my windows sometime as the smell is strong. Overall gas consumption is pretty good between MPg any ideas of what else to check. Could it be the smell of you eating too many Texan burritos the day before?? If not it might be the smell of burning oil which is strong. You may want to check your valve cover gasket for leaking oil which is dripping on the exhaust manifold which is burning up and being sucked in through the outside cabin air intake.

I once had a similar issue that was next to impossible to figure out. It turned out that one of the fuel injector's O-rings had a very tiny intermittent leak.

Cold Start roughness -E39

I could only see the very, very, fine spray with the aid of some strong light while the car was in a dark garage. Check all the fuel lines and hoses and especially their connections. It's a potentially dangerous problem. Thanks for the advice, the VCG has been change about three week ago alone with the Vanos gasket and seals, I will check the injector maybe that is the problem the funny thing is if I open the hood start the car and look for the smell i can not smell anything, like I said i have no codes at all my check engine light has not come on since i change the MAF about seven moth ago.

Worth looking at the o-ring on the fuel filter and sucking jet pumps located under your rear seats. My E46 developed a gas smell for a while, turned out to be a loose clamp on one of the fuel filter hoses but somehow it didn't SEEM as strong outside the car.

bmw e39 gas smell

I just finished taking a look at the car, I may find the problem, My car also have a tack tack sound and OI was thinking that maybe was lifter. I will keep an eye on to see if the smell is gone. One more thing i juts notice my fan runs continuously I have bad thermostat right, anyone has the part number handy.

exhaust smell in cabin.

Thanks for the advice. Thanks for the advice Go to www. Shows all your OE parts in exploded view. Housing with thermostat - part Even though this is an old post I thought I'd share my story in hopes it might help someone in the future.

I have been smelling fuel intermittently for several months. The smell would be strongest right after a cold start in the morning and I would get an occasional whiff while sitting at a stop light.

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The smell always came in through the front vents and I could make it go away by switching the venting system to recirculate. This essentially shuts the fresh air intake flaps which are located under the hood so I knew it was coming from under the hood somewhere.

I had recently done the VC gasket and knew that it wasn't burning oil Based on many other posts I thought I might have a bad fuel injector or leaky injector o-rings so I have been keeping my eye on them but have never seen anything that would indicate fuel leaking from them.

Today I decided to take a look again. As I suspected I Since the plastic covers were off I could see the individual coil pack connectors and notice one of them was moving as the engine ran so I put my hand on connector and felt a "tap tap tap tap tap" as the cylinders fired I shut the engine down and found that I had a loose spark plug in 2 of the cylinders!

Both of the spark plug holes were dark brown which is indicative of combustion gases getting by the loose plugs.


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